Oncology Nurses Student Interest Group (ONSIG) – Volunteer Efforts

ONSIG Officers

  • Morgan Pfeffer, Vice President
  • Melissa Atkinson, Treasurer
  • Sarina Sams, Secretary

Volunteer Efforts

Recently, the ONSIG members had over 45 people sign-up for the Bone Marrow Registry and raised $120 toward the Be the Match community fund. People stopped by to thank us for conducting the drive and to tell us a story about a loved one who was saved by a bone marrow transplant.

ONSIG members also recently volunteered by assisting with set up and selling raffle for the Breast Health Fashion Show, held by Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) and The James Hospital at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Columbus.

Special thanks to Professor Essman’s class for their help with the Bone Marrow Drive. Student volunteers included: Kelli Abshire, Tiffany Wells, Nitya Maphis, Kat Gebarski and Kim Berger. ONSIG members who set up the event were: Michelle Jakubowski, Melissa Atkinson, Sarina Sams and Kaylyne Rhoads. Special thanks to Sarina, Melissa, and Kaylyne for raising donations and setting up the drawing for donations to Be the Match. Good work to Michelle Jakubowski for meeting with Marshal Brown and planning the event.

Also, a special thanks also to Michelle Jakubowski and Melissa Atkinson who volunteered for the Breast Health Fashion Show.

The Chamberlain Chapter of the ONSIG is looking for interested individuals to participate in this program. For additional information about the group, contact:

Michelle Jakabowski
ONSIG President

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